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The Portsmouth Pirates Soccer Club will attempt to field as many competitive boy and girl teams as possible in all age groups ranging from under 8 (by August 1st) to under 19 (by August 1st). Teams compete in state divisions ranging from "A" (most competitive) to "C" (least competitive). Coaches are needed for each team. The Club’s board of directors appoints most of the A team coaches. Parents and other interested volunteers should contact either the Club’s director of coaches or president for information on coaching. If enough coaches do not come forward, children will not be able to play for the Pirates.


Each player will pay for his/her uniform, which the player will keep. Each uniform set will contain a contrasting shirt to be used when there is a color conflict with an opposing team. A basic uniform set (consisting of the two shirts, 1 pair of shorts and socks) will cost approximately $70.00. Shin guards are required for all players at all games and practices. Soccer cleats and mouth guards are strongly recommended. Pirate sweatshirts, pants and wind suits are not required but are purchased by some players. Price and ordering information may be obtained from the Gob Shop in Warren.

Operating Fund:

Each player will pay a fall and spring fee. The Fall fee is due before tryouts which is to cover the operating expenses of the Club during the Fall season. The remaining balance is due at Spring registration. The expenses of the Club include, but are not limited to, insurance fees, paying referee fees, purchasing soccer related equipment, paying entrance fees for tournaments, and field maintenance. Indoor soccer registrations and additional out-of-town and out-of-state tournament registrations are extra.


Selection to a Portsmouth Pirates Soccer Club team requires a firm commitment to that team, and the Club, by both player and parents. Competition will involve out-of-town travel.


Fall season runs from September to November. Indoor season begins in January and goes to March. (Coaches and teams decide if they will play indoor. The majority of Pirate teams competed at the Multiplex Soccer Complex in Somerset, Massachusetts for the indoor season. Spring season runs from April to June. A player’s attendance at practice sessions and games is vital to the player’s development and the overall performance of his/her team. Possible conflicts with other activities (hockey, basketball, baseball, dancing classes, etc.) in regard to the above should be discussed with the coach at selection time. The head coach will have final determination in these matters. Teams practice twice a week with games on weekends.


Parental support for the child’s team and the club are necessary for this volunteer organization. An active role is expected of at least one of the player’s parents in performing duties within the team or Club. These duties include serving as a member of the Club’s board of directors, the Portsmouth Invitational Soccer Tournament Committee, team manager, fundraising events, etc.


The Portsmouth Pirates Soccer Club functions under the general umbrella of the Portsmouth Youth Soccer Association, but with its own Board and separate rules, finances, and guidelines. The Board consists of two members from each team. Board member terms run from September through August. The board handles all administrative and financial duties of the Club, including electing officers, approving coaches, and authorizing expenditures. Meetings are held (Sept- June) on the third Thursday of the month at the Portsmouth Middle School Library at 7:30 p.m. July and August meeting dates and locations are TBD.


All players are covered with medical and liability insurance through Portsmouth Youth Soccer Association and through Soccer Rhode Island (SRI). If the need for insurance arises, contact a Coach or Board member as soon as possible.


One Coach per team is appointed by the Board. Coaches responsibilities/authority include, but are not limited to:

1. The right to select his/her assistants, team manager, and players.
2. Establishment of team rules and penalties and enforcement of same.
3. May release a player from his/her team with Board approval.
4. Determines the selection of league tournaments and special events. Board makes final decision on above when Club funds are involved. Coach may decide to participate in sanctioned tournaments or special events that do not require Club funds. Tournaments requiring travel of three hours or more need Board approval.

Player Eligibility:

Players must be residents of Portsmouth. Coaches may select two non-residents per team. Board approval is needed for any additional non-resident player.

Team Selection and Tryouts:

Individuals will be encouraged to try out for Pirate teams on the recommendation of their Portsmouth Pirates Soccer Club Coach or Portsmouth Youth Soccer Association Coach. A general announcement inviting everyone interested in playing competitive soccer will also be made at the conclusion of the P.Y.S.A. season. Selection of the team members remains the sole prerogative of the Coach.


Parents as well as players are expected to adhere to the rules of good sportsmanship at all times. The use or consumption of alcoholic beverages by parents and/or spectators at any game is prohibited.